Description :

Conveniently cleansing your hands and eliminating 99.9% of harmful bacteria, the Hand Sanitizer provides care and moisture to your skin. Its multipurpose usage is simple, and you can even use it to sanitize any surface in just drop small amount. With 15 refreshing fragrance, your hands are kept clean and fresh through a non-stick formulation that protects, nourishes and hydrates.


Product Details :

- Contain 70% alcohol denatured

- Able to kill 99.99% of germs - Rinse Free & Non-sticky

- Easy to carry for everyone

- With Aloe Vera to moisturize for your hand

- Direction: Drop a small amount in your palm, then rub hands together until dry.

- SIRIM Approved

- Rinse Free & Non Sticky

- Gentle on Hand

- Distributed to Pharmacy 70% Alcohol Denatured

- MOH Certified

Scent Pur 酒精搓手液- 50ML